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Have 1,500 to spare? Here's what the average London rent gets you elsewhere in the UK


What's your rental property like? Here's the depressing truth of how far your money could go outside of the capital


Depressing fact of the day: this Grade II listed house in the Lake District is all yours for the price of a one bed in London.

What would you do with 1561? Have two nights in a suite at the Ritz? Or put it towards something more practical, like a new boiler?

These are both expenses 1561 could in fact cover (just don't expect much change).

According to the most recent figures from the Homelet rental index, what 1561 ALSO just about covers is the average monthly rent in London.

Yes, while rents all over the country have been subject to a 12.5% hike, it's typically the capital where this increase is the most dramatic.

After all, if a PARKING SPACE goes for 390,000, what hope is there for the rental market?

With 1561 being almost equal to the average salary in the UK, here's a look at the nationwide accommodation this not-insignificant amount can get you.

Central London

For certain post codes within central London, our search initially only came up with tiny office spaces.

However, after a bit of digging, this Marylebone property came up.

Room with a view.

For a mere 1500 per month you get wood flooring, a fitted kitchen and bathroom, reception room and a double bedroom.

Located in a very central part of town, this one bedroom flat comes either partly furnished or unfurnished.

Feeling a bit short-changed?

The ad makes a point of saying the flat is "...a stone's throw away from a plethora of shops and restaurants."

Well, that's alright then.

Perfect for throwing dinner parties

Greater London

If you venture just a little further out however, your money goes a LOT further - as this charming family home in South Croydon shows.

This family house comes with the ultimate in London luxury: outside space.

Apart from triple what you get in zones 1 - 2, what are you getting for 1500 per month here?

This family home has three double bedrooms, off-street parking and an enclosed private garden.

True, Croydon is still regarded as technically Surrey.

But if you're living in a glorified zone one filing cabinet, this three-floored Victorian terrace doesn't seem such a shabby alternative.

Hands up if this reception room is as big as your current flat?


Thought Croydon was the place to be? Scared of straying too far away from the M25?

Consider this: two hours and forty-three minutes up the M40 from London 1500 per month will buy you even MORE space.

The ad says: "Superbly presented gated residence in most sought-after residential area of Wolverhampton"

This four-bedroom family home also has a gated entrance, plenty of parking space, two bathrooms, a shower room, playroom/study, pantry, laundry room and breakfast room.

Not convinced? Tettenhall is considered one of the most desirable parts of Wolverhampon.

Acres of space.


Although a frequent front-runner for the UK's 'second city', and cosmopolitan to boot, rental accommodation in Manchester remains much kinder on the pocket than the capital.

The penthouse apartment is situated centrally between Deansgate and Oxford Road.

Whilst most Londoners can't even afford to dream of a split-level penthouse apartment, in central Manchester you get 2000 square feet of living space over two floors for 1500 per month.

This includes: two bedrooms, two parking spaces, A TURRET STUDY, two veranda balconies and it all comes fully furnished for you.

We're just spoiling you now.

Trendy: just form an orderly queue please.

The Lake District

If you fancy taking your 1561 and quitting city-living for good, there's worse places than a Grade II listed house in the beautiful Lake District.

Sweeping gravel drives comes as standard.

Two hours north of Manchester is this historic four bedroom property which used to be part of Beatrix Potter's estate.

Nowadays, the rental property still has its original features intact, and comes with three reception rooms, several outbuildings and large private gardens.

Outbuildings come as standard also.

Meanwhile, over the border...

Stirling, Scotland

Yes, this will do nicely.

If you're in the market for a five bedroom sandstone villa, why not plump for this one? Not only does it boast "beautiful extensive private gardens" but they also throw a GARDENER in with the rent.

Excellent value for money, if you ask us.

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