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Warnings House Prices Push Out Young Families



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Are soaring house prices pushing young families out of the market?

Pirate FM has learnt that on average, people in Cornwall need a 268% pay rise to be able to afford a house here.

Officials have warned rising prices in rural locations are pushing younger families out.

But it is also putting things like schools and shops at risk.

They say we need more affordable housing.

The typical house price is more than twelve times the average income in the Duchy.

Padstow is one place in Cornwall that suffers from high house prices.

One person in the town said: "My son and his fiancée have recently got their own place, but it takes a lot of help for them to be able to get a deposit and that sort of thing.

"It is the young people you have to think about, youngsters getting on the ladder."

Another person said: "To actually get on the property ladder is particularly difficult for young people these days, the house prices in this area are just a nightmare."

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