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Why not live in a treehouse? Man builds impressive family home 10ft in the air



WHY live in a normal house when you could live in a house built on sticks?

By Felicity Thistlethwaite 

A house built in the woods    

A house built in the woods



Josh Ring built his family a home in the woods, 10ft in the air

It's every child's dream to live in a treehouse - and for one American builder it was dream come true.

Josh Ring built an incredible house on sticks for his family in the woods in Massachusetts, America.

His family home is suspended 10ft in the air and positioned on four red oak trees, holding up the giant structure while looking simply incredible.

Spread across 1,200 square feet, the two-storey house has a rustic interior and is decked with local timber.


Josh Ring with his wife


Josh and his wife worked for 10 months to build the giant structure

Inside the treehouse

Inside the treehouse


The family built nearly everything from the wood they found

But the plush inside is in-keeping with the theme - many of the items carved from trees cut down in the wood.

Bar stools polished perfectly, the walls covered in perfectly cut discs of logs and cupboards glazed with a golden colour to show off the depth of the wood and knots.

It's a house Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud would be awe-struck by - and he's a hard man to please.

The news comes as it was revealed TV show Benefits by The Sea has triggered a house price plummet as family home drops to just 13k.

The house in the woods

The house in the woods


The house is an impressive structure and is built on four red oak trees

The treehouse took Josh and his wife Cindy 10 months to build, during which the couple often worked 80 hour weeks to see it completed.

Fortunately, the eco-friendly pad was a hit with their three children Kaylee, 16, Owen, 13, and Alanna, 10.

The family live in the giant structure, fulfilling their dreams of living in the woods on a house made from sticks.

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