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Is buy-to-let investment in Leeds more profitable than in London?



Landlords - depending on their priority - could do a lot worse than investing in buy-to-let property in Leeds, research has revealed.

While some landlords may be looking for the best capital return measured by the highest growth in house prices, some may be seeking a monthly income.

Some may be looking for both, or be willing to forego a little of either for an investment that is nearby to where they live, meaning that they don’t have the hassle of travelling long distances to deal with any issues if they’re not paying an agent to manage the tenancy.

Buy-to-let in Leeds

But if a high income is the priority, there are parts of the country that are better than others to choose - the latest research suggests that investors can benefit from gross yields of up to 8.5 per cent in Leeds.

This is in contrast to only 3.5 per cent in London, according to the findings by Assetz Property. The difference is largely attributed to higher house prices in the capital.

Its research focused on investment properties available through Assetz in the two cities and the average yields available.

Stuart Law, chief executive of Assetz Property, suggested Leeds’ property market is far more stable than London’s. The capital has seen house prices and rental prices rise significantly, raising fears that values on both are overheating.

Mr Law said: “Not only is Leeds a fantastic draw for investors, as properties are, on average, more than £400,000 cheaper here than in London, but it is an ideal location for residents looking to get more for their money and achieve a higher standard of living than they could have in London for a lot less money.”

Leeds’ quality of life

The research also found that disposable income of people living in Leeds is on average higher than those living in London.

Despite the average salary in the capital being £40,000, renters are only left with £6,600 of disposable income due to the high cost of living in London after bills, food and travel expenses have been paid.

By contrast, the annual salary in Yorkshire is at least £10,000 less than in London, however, the average annual rent is just £11,250 - suggesting Leeds provides a better quality of life.

Is the north better for buy-to-let investment?

This comes as another boost to the north - as landlords recently voted the North West the best place to buy-to-let in the UK.

Over 1,400 landlords voted in a poll on our guide to the best buy-to-let areas in the UK 2016, with around 40% picking the North West over London, the outskirts of London and the South Coast as their ideal place for investment.

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