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Mistakes that knock thousands off house prices



Have you got planning permission for that?

Mistakes that knock thousands of house prices
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When it comes to selling your home there are some obvious things you shouldn't do.

You wouldn't leave your washing hanging out, dirty dishes on the side and (hopefully) you'd run a hoover around before the prospective buyers arrive.

But what about the less obvious things that could put people off? Do you really know what you should be avoiding?

Although in some cases they may still want to buy the house, there's a chance they'll offer you a lot less than you were hoping for.

Propertymark have made a checklist of mistakes to avoid for those hoping to get their property off the market.

Take a look and see how you'd fare when it comes to selling your home.

Appeal to everyone

You may love your flock wallpaper, patterned carpets and avant-garde artwork but you certainly can't guarantee that others will. If you're really keen to get your house off the market, tone down the decoration and try to make your home as neutral as possible.

Take a dip

According to The Sun, while it may seem like a luxury addition to any home, having a swimming pool could make a dent of as much as 20,000 in your selling price. People may be put off by the cost of cleaning and general upkeep.

Brighten it up

Avoid dark and dingy rooms - potential buyers will be looking for light and airy spaces. Make sure curtains are out of the way, blinds are pulled back and any obstructions outside the window, such as plants, are cleared.

Alternative energy

Solar panels may have saved you cash in the long run but they could devalue your house. Personal taste is a big factor here, and when it comes down to it, never mind the benefits, some people simply don't like the look of them.

Neaten up the garden

It may look completely harmless but the presence of Japanese Knotweed in your garden could be a major issue. The plant is powerful enough to grow through solid strictures, including the foundations and floors of houses and can cause serious problems for home owners. Find out more about dealing with it here.

Giving evidence

If you've made changes to your home you should always make sure you have the paperwork to back it up. Planning permission disputes can be tricky and if you can't prove that you were allowed to build that conservatory you could end up in a lot of trouble. Read more about the nightmares of planning permission here.

If you're still struggling with how you can improve your chances of selling your home then take a look at Propertymark's 10 tips for selling your home.

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