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Crisis of Hung Parliament with SNP/Labour fudge cancelling Brexit and Break Up of UK - Corbyn in No 10

12-01-2019 team

Crisis of Hung Parliament with SNP/Labour fudge cancelling Brexit and Break Up of UK - Corbyn in No 10

Labour On Ascent:  As of 29 November, there is a very disturbing trend that seems to be gaining momentum – in the opinion polls in the last week, the Tories lead over Labour has dropped from a high of 17% to 7% - which is the edge of hung parliament territory. Worse still, we have 12 days to go and its most likely Corbyn’s promises of riches for the less well off will gain more votes at the Tory expenses leading to a firm hung parliament. Donald Trump’s UK visit on Tuesday 3 Dec probably wont help either – Corbyn will keep repeating his senseless claim the US will buy the NHS. Whilst the Tories would have the most seats – say range 300 to 320 – this would be an ABSOLUTE DISASTER since it would let Jeremy Corbyn into 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister as he would be able to get a rag bag of left leaning socialist parties together:

• Greens – by promising action on climate change
• Lib Dems – by promising ministerial positions
• SNP – by promising a Scottish Referendum – our guess – because Corbyn would not campaign for the Union - this would lead Scottish Independence and the break-up of the UK.

Worse still, he would promise another EU Referendum wasting years of the UK economic prospects – which might well be a to stay after all – a massive UK humiliation – as we come back tail between our legs pleasing to return – with the EU setting the terms again and deciding the UK’s destiny for the next 20 years. He would start printing currency, devalue Sterling, increase interest rates and mass unemployment would ensue with a 4 day working week – miserable.

Many people think if the Tories got 310 seats, they could add the 10 DUP seats – but its likely that would not work – leading to massive uncertainly and again Jeremy Corby – the Marxist – getting into power. In addition, just to make Tories feel worse, the Brexit party would have scuppered Brexit by taking votes off the Tories – what a complete disaster. Talk about law of unintended consequences.

How can we let our country be run by a Marxist – an anti-sematic and terrorist sympathizer? How has it come to this?  How can we have the country run - a take over by the hard left Marxists.

It’s very simple.   Any vote that is not a Tory vote puts Jeremy Corbyn into power.

We don’t actually believe Corbyn even loves the UK – his Marxists mantra is around fuelling envy. He detests business and will target all business.  He seems to intensely dislike anyone that actually makes money. If Corbyn gets into power there will be a mass exit of businesses overseas to escape draconian taxes, regulations and an imposed 4 day week and targeting by Labour. Businesses will just stop, fold, it wont be worth the effort or exposure. It will be disastrous for property investors or anyone with pensions or holding assets, or owning a home. 

It’s almost as if people are worried about someone showing real leadership and wanting to take the country forwards – around 57% or more percentage of the population seem to have the intention of voting for more turmoil and uncertainty through a Labour led government.

We urge everyone to seriously think to themselves – think about it in 2 years time after the economy has crashed, union broken up and a Marxist government has created havoc. If you have not voted Tory then that’s more or less what you will be voting for – and you will have to live with yourself for that vote. If you cant be bothered to get out to vote Tory, you could be letting Corbyn into No 10 - its that simple. Its very serious indeed - a crisis.

As logic has it, anyone that votes Liberal Democrat instead of Tory or Brexit instead of Tory needs to understand they are voting for Corbyn to be Prime Minister instead of Boris Johnson. 

It’s a simple choice between a Tory vote, or letting Corbyn wreak havoc.


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