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Marxist Corbyn could be Prime Minister In 5 Days – Call for Action

12-07-2019 team

Labour On Ascent:  The Tory lead over Labour is currently around 9% - Tories on 43% and Labour on 34%. The Tories only need to slip 2% then they enter danger territory of a hung parliament that wold be absolutely disastrous for the UK economy, investors in in parts of the UK and social and security/stability. The Tories need a 7% to stay away from a Hung Parliament.

The next week will be the most pivotal week in the UK’s history since World War II. It will be the moment we either get stability or the whole lot crashes.

It comes as no surprize that Corbyn is now fending off claims he received the NHS leaked documents from Russia – they are interfering in our election and routing for Corbyn because he is soft on aggressors – he seemed to side with Russia over the Salisbury poisoning for example.

If Marxists Corbyn and his neo-communist cronies get the keys to 10 Downing Street, we can expect the following disaster:

• An ugly socialist Coalition with Nicola Sturgeon who wants to break up the Union (UK)
• A four day working week imposed
• Massive public spending spree on everything – a recent Sky study found Labour pledges are 28 times bigger than the Tories – and the Tories actually believe they 63 times bigger.
• Increase in taxes for all workers
• Tax raid on pension plans
• The UK turning its back on NATO – and our nuclear deterrent that will make the Russian threat a whole lot worse
• Years of instability and uncertainty after Labour promise another Referendum on the EU and Scotland on Independence
• Sterling will crash in value
• Labour will take over the Bank of England and start setting interest rates itself to satisfy its political goals
• Labour will start the printing presses and devalue the currency whilst imposing foreign exchange controls to make it impossible for people to get their money and investment out of the country
• After a brief “spurge” in public sector jobs, we would see huge swaths of UK business and service sector jobs being destroyed by draconian taxes
• There would be a house price collapse
• The housing crisis would worsen
• The currency would devalue further and we would enter hyper-inflation – as the Labour party printed our currency into oblivion.

If Labour get into power in a hung parliament, the only way to protect your wealth would be to buy gold and silver – although for UK citizens – they might eventually try and confiscate this.

Sterling Crash with Labour: Another option would be to short Sterling – it would head down over time – though any profits would likely be seized by Labour in the form of punitive taxes or investigations into people shorting – they consider “shorting” a type of “rip-off of the common person” rather than a risk-investment.

Boris Johnson and the Tory party – in part because they have a lead – are being attacked by everyone, all parties, trying to seize the advantage and grab power in the form of a muddled Hung Parliament. Some Remainers are so desperate they – in our view deludedly – believe life would be better under a Corbyn Hung parliament if it leads to staying, rather than have decisive action leaving after so many years. 

Have to Vote Tory on this Occasion: We make no bones - the aim of this Newsletter is to try and persuade and motivate all voter – to vote Tory, and also to motivate all Tory voter to actually cast their vote. Don’t assume it will all be okay on the day. It will be very close.  Make sure you definitely vote.  We simply cannot allow a Marxist anti-sematic Russian loving anti-Unionist anti-royalist ditherer to run our proud country. The UK would break up, likely still leave the EU in a chaotic long winded manner – and the UK would become the laughing stock of Europe. France would love it – they would take all the financial jobs from London to Paris. Putin and Russia would love it – having the weak underbelly of Europe to aim at – bully Europe through the UK. Then Scotland would be run by Brussels rather than London – that’s crazy. Even if it smells a bit, its the sensible option. A Hung parliament means Jeremy Corbyn as PM.

Would also like to re-state clearly that any vote that is not a Tory vote – is a vote to have Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister running the country – England/Wales/North Ireland/Scotland – through Nicola Surgeon who is not even an MP in Westminster. She would bully Corbyn at every turn since should would be the supply agreement of 45 seats that Corbyn would need to keep his rag bag Coalition together.

On security, we know that Corbyn has had many meetings with terrorists – he’s been photographed in these meetings - we think he does not love the UK. He’s had 70 years of being bitter that other people have more money or possessions than him and his cronies. He has never had a real job - always been a protesting politician - that breads negativity and contempt for people with wealth. He wants to close Eton College and all Public Schools - an example of his bitterness to those wealthier than himself. 

His mantra is delusional in that he and the Labour party do not seem to understand that all public sector spending has to come from taxes on the private sector - if you tax the private sector too much, it dies, then there is no money for the public sector. They will kill the private sector, bloat the public sector then bankrupt the country - its that simple   

If you voted Labour and for Brexit, you have to vote Tory – just on this occasion – otherwise your Brexit dream will go up in smoke.

If you are a Brexit party voter – you must vote Tory – even though you would prefer to vote Brexit Party – since splitting the vote would allow Labour in and destroy your Brexit dream.  

If you would normally vote Liberal Democrat – if you do on this occasion – again it allows Jeremy Corby – an anti-sematic Marxist – into power. Do you really want this? Think about your liberal values – surely a Tory PM is better than a Labour PM on this occasion?

Anyone who has a private sector job – that relies on a business for their income – all private sector employees – should vote Tory – because so many businesses under Labour would be destroyed. And you won’t be able to work more than 4 days a week. Taxes would rise, incomes would drop and inflation would skyrocket hitting energy and food prices.

It’s our last chance to make a difference – we just have to stop Corbyn’s Hung Parliament getting into power and destroying the UK as a union and its economy pride and prosperity. We have to keep Corbyn away from Downing Street and the only way to do this is voting Tory.



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