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'Increase the value' Kitchen features that could boost house prices by up to '10 percent'


KITCHENS are one of the busiest rooms in the home and for this reason, investing in a few additional features could boost a property's value as much as "10 percent".


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The average asking price of property coming to market has declined for the first time in 2022, according to Rightmove, but there are still plenty of homes which are selling well above the national average. However, for homeowners looking to boost the value of their property, an expert has shared some investments which could go a long way to increasing house prices.

Whether you're a keen chef or the kitchen is a hub for family gatherings, it's a room which can hold a lot of value for potential buyers.

Although tiling and countertops might be your main focus, experts say the windows in your kitchen are of particular importance, especially during the current cost of living crisis.

Adam Pawson, head of Digital at Safestyle UK, said: “If your kitchen doesn’t have double glazing it can instantly decrease its value.

"Given the current energy crisis, more people than ever will consider the energy efficiency of a property before purchasing.

Kitchen features to boost property value

Kitchen features to boost property value
Adding certain window features can boost property value. (Image: Getty Images)
Double-glazing windows

Double-glazing windows

Double-glazing can increase kerb value by 10% (Image: Getty Images)
"If you look at your windows and can spot spacing within two panes of glass, that’s double glazed.“

Double-glazing in every room of your home is an added bonus for buyers, but if you can't afford it, focus on rooms such as the kitchen which are used the most.

Mr Pawson continued: “When property hunters are looking for the perfect purchase, one of the key things they’re looking for is kerb appeal.

"If a property looks attractive from the outside it’s much more appealing to the potential buyer.

Kitchen shutters

Window shutters can inject some colour into your kitchen theme. (Image: Getty Images)

The impressive Buckinghamshire town home to Vernon Kay and Tess Daly

Kitchen shutters

"In fact, it could increase the value of your property by around 10 percent.”

As well as double glazing, paying attention to the aesthetics of your windows can also make a big difference.

Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Blinds explained: “Getting the right window dressing to fit the space is as important within the kitchen as it is with any other room in the house.

"Opting for the wrong style for the space, or even failing to invest in a window dressing, can result in a room lacking style and cohesiveness."


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