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9. London Regenerating Areas for Property Investment


The tabulation shown was prepared PropertyInvesting.Net to help property investors  - it provides a summary of many of the key investment areas within East and South-East London which are likely to be positively impacted by the following new infra-structure developments in the next ten years:


Property purchased close to these new stations and infra-structure projects, preferably within quiet Victorian neighbourhoods, are likely to see significant above trend house price movements in the next ten years, continuing the trend experienced in the last 5 years. Why? Because the population of London is forecast to expand by 800,000 people by 2015 - and most experts cannot see anything like the house building required to keep up with this demand. In addition, London is likely to remain a critically important global financial and services centre - providing solid and relativley high paid employment. 











If customers have any comments about the tabulation, other views or areas that they believe should be included, please contact    



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