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197: World Energy Report - where to invest in property

06-08-2008 team

As we have been warning since June 2007, oil prices will rise to $125/bbl by end of 2008. They have already done so - this should be absolutely no surprize to our regular website visitors. We have a unique model that has forecast oil production up until 2015 based on our global industry experience, this oil demand model is based on oil prices of $125/barrel. As you can see below, there is a big imbalance between supply and demand suggesting oil prices will rise further. It is difficult to predict how high these oil prices may rise, but we conservatively predict $150//bbls by end 2008 and $200 by end 2009 - unless there is a significant recession in the western developed economies (USA and Western Europe).















The reason why we want you to be ahead of the game here is because all countries with growing oil exports should have property prices that are either stable or rising. Oil countries with increasing oil imports will find life difficult and property prices will be affected. The main growing oil centres are:

Brazil and Canada, along with Norway, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Qatar and Brunei are some of the main beneficiaries of high oil prices. Our analysis is unqiue, based on detailed numerical analysis and future predictions. We see oil bubbling along a plateau from now on - slightly rising - but ot by enough - the only way demand will fall to this bubbling plateau is if oil prices rise. We believe they would have to rise to $200/bbl to have a significant affect on demand - and alter people's driving and consumer behaviours. Part of the reason why demand is so inflexible is because of the already vey high gasoline tax in Western economies, as well as state subsidies in countries like Venezuela, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. And to date there is no alternative to diesel trucking and gasoline car usage - alternatives are 5-10 years away.

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This oil price boom will dramatically affect the economic landscape and we urge you now to read all our previous special reports on the topic to position your portfolio to take advantage of this opportunity and not get caught out in an areas of declining economic prosperity because of negative exposure to high oil prices. Please take our predictions very seriously.

Avoid all areas that rely on long distance car travel or plane travel unless they are a rich offshore banking haven - e.g. avoid Seychelles, Gambia, Maldives, New Zealand, Hawaii, Soloman Islands).

Interestingly we still believe oil production will increase slightly if there are no major wars, but it will be erratic, problematic, unpredictable and bumpy. A wave of new oil arrives in 5 years time in Brazil, possibly Ghana and is currently expanding in Iraq, Angola, Saudi to a certain extent and Canada. Libya may also expand production. But many countries will see declining oil production - like Mexico, Norway, USA (until 2012 when it will stabilise), Syria and the UK - the steepest decline being in the UK. Russia reached it's peak oil production August 2007 and went into decline January 2008 - heading for ca. 3% per annum decline per annum from now on. That said, they produce a massive 9 million bbls/day, so the revenues for both oil and gas combined at $125/bbl are about $1.8 trillion per annum - so the decline will have almost no impact on their finances. Russia is a winner. Norway - despite its decline is a huge winner. 5 million people with $0.4 tillion revenues! That's $80,000 per person per year! If house prices dont rise in Norway - we'll be eating our hats!

Kuwait, Brunei and Qatar will become fabulously wealthy. Their per head revenues are staggering - up to $125,000 per person per year! How can property prices drop when revenues have gone up ten fold in ten years!














The main reasons for the oil price rising we believe are:

There are many arguments for and against these points. Overall, we believe that oil demand will continue to outstrip supply if oil prices stayed at $125/bbl for the next 4 years, and hence we believe oil prices will rise to $200/bbl. Whether oil prices stay there or not would depend on whether new oil sources came on stream or not. Whilst Angola, Iraq and Brazil are rays of light in an otherwise gloomy production forecast, we believe these new oil expansions will be too little too late to prevent skyrocketing oil prices. And that it is not speculation driving prices higher - it is demand/supply fundamentals. Park the "smoke and mirrors" - review our analysis below and make up your own mind. 






























So don't say we did not warn you. Don't say we do not give a further stearn warning. Don't invest in Italy, Greece or South Africa. Rather invest in the countries described above to protect the downside and capture the upside. Oslo, St Petersburg, Edmonton, Fort MacMurray and Aberdeen are some highlights. Expect higher inflation, higher interest rates and house price declines in much of the western developed world. Roll on higher property prices in the areas we have suggest - in oil exporting nations.

We hope you have found this special report of benefit. Please contact us on  if you have any comments-questions.  















































































































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