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253: WIWASOTI - What's That? "Wind, Wave, Solar, Tidal" - an sustainable answer to UK's energy needs

02-14-2009 team


The UK Crown Estate, the owners of the UK sea-bed, are issuing licenses to firms, applications due for submission March 2009, to develop renewable UK energy offshore.


For ten years the UK oil production has been declining. Gas production has also been declining for many years. The UK started importing oil and gas a few years ago. At current depletion rates of 6-8% per annum, the UK energy bill will massively increase in years to come – imports will rise by 400% in ten years. 


The UK has the biggest resources of tidal energy compared to any country in the world by area of land-mass. It is also blessed with strong winds, particularly on the western flanks of the country. WIWASOTI-wind-wave-solar-tidal-energy-system-for-uk-propertyinvesting.netWave energy potential is also large, because of the strong winds, deep water offshore and fetch of waves across the Atlantic and North Sea – along with often storm winter conditions. Solar energy is less impressive, but still substantial when the sun shines in summer months, particularly along southern areas of the UK.


The team held a think-tank session recently in a mountain resort. This is part of the outcome. We would like to communicate our Big Idea.


Want an efficient and effective renewable energy solution for UK’s future energy requirements that reduces CO2 emissions and dependence on imports hydrocarbons?


Here goes:


Install combined wind turbines, tidal turbines, wave turbines and solar panels - on single pillars in the sea, in the areas with greatest combined wind, wave, tidal and solar energy – close to populated areas.


Some areas that rank high for this technology application:


·          Severn Estuary

·          Mersey Estuary

·          Humber Estuary

·          Thames Estuary

·          Solant Estuary

·          Firth if Forth


We have called this system WIWASOTI – sounds like a person with a slur saying “Velocity” – short for:


WI – wind

WA – wave

SO – solar

TI – tidal


The vision – Wiwasoti - being the answer to UK’s energy needs:


·          Providing highly skilled and highly paid UK engineering and construction jobs

·          Conversion of old oil rigs and installations into Wiwasiti collection fields and terminals

·          Drastically reducing UK’s reliance on imported oil, gas and coal

·          Efficiently using offshore sea-bed resources

·          Removing the requirement to develop nuclear power plants

·          Non damaging to the environment

·          Develops new technologies to boost UK’s manufacturing, engineering and knowledge based skills capabilities

*    Sustainable energy solution - energy source does not deplete

·          Helping meet UK and Euro emissions quotas

·          Ability to offset expenditure against carbon credits

·          Maximizing the under-utilized offshore coastal resources of UK

·          Conversion from oil/gas production and workers as this declines to renewables energy solutions

·          Captures natural energy produced from climate, earth movements and moon movements


We enclose a pictorial of what this system should look like. We hope private enterprise will install such a system in the next 3-5 years –the technology has been developed – it’s ready to implement using this combined system concept.


We hope you have found our Big Idea interesting.


For the property investor, any property close to areas that would benefit from the engineering and construction jobs associated with such developments would benefit in rental demand and property price would likely increase.


The system could help some deprived industrial areas like Liverpool, Deeside, Teeside and Hull that have much tidal energy, large energy requirements but relatively high unemployment and low wages.


If you like this idea, please feel free to forward a copy of this Special Report to a friend.


If you have any comments, please contact us on      



WIWASOTI  Wind, Wave, Solar, Tidal energy systema Green Tech Renewables for UK's energy needs
































































Wind Map UK England and Europe



















































UK Tidal Power Map


























UK Wave Power Map
























Solar Map Europe































Solar Resourse Map World




























Solar Map Europe































Solar Map Usa  - Solar Insolation












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