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289: London

09-18-2009 team


There are is a confluence of economic, social and politic directives and trends that point to London as the key growth are in the UK in the next ten year, with outlying areas growing at approximately half the pace. Many of these trends are a continuation of what has occurred in the last ten years, but some are fairly new and some are emerging. We will itemize them below. We hope by listing them, we can be very transparent is why we focus the bulk of our investments in London and see no reason to discontinue this strategy:Hugh Grant Notting Hill resident


Pros - positives


Cons - negatives

Property Hotspots London
































Positive Change:  It’s very difficult to see how so many factors could conspire to de-throne London as the highest overall growth area in the UK. What has been impressive and rather surprising has been the level of investment in London – infrastructure projects andChelsea regeneration project plus the Olympics in the last four years – if anything these seem to be accelerating. Such project in the north of England are far smaller and fewer. The focus in the north appears to be creating public sector jobs. In London, the investment seem to be generating real improvements and positive chance in the infra-structure. So for the knowledgeable property investor, it relatively simple to cluster ones investment around these positive changes and see the benefits feed through into high property prices. Its not rocket science. It’s fairly predictable.


East London Rail Opens:  Please note the East London Line opens in ~April 2010. As soon as this happens, please will literally catch and train, get off, and start looking for property. This happened in Lewisham in October 1999 when the Docklands Light Railway Station opened. It only changed after the station opened. So if you go to Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill or Sydenham today and pick a bargain one bedroom Victorian flat in  quiet street close the station, you’ll almost certainly see prices shoot up in Spring 2010 when the stations open. We cant be more explicit than that!  To help, we provide the map below of the new stations…enjoy..



East London Railway Regeneration 2010 Propery Hotspots


 East London Railway Regeneration 2010 Propery Hotspots

























London Map Dockland Light Railway



High Speed One






















Crossrail Map - overview












Stratford Olympics 2012 Park


























Rail Terminals in London - Map














































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