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62: Investor's Diary of Infra-structure events in SE England

03-12-2006 is pleased to bring you a consolidated listing of the key predictable dates that will likely affect property prices in London and SE England in the next 8 years. This is not rocket science - as we know, major infra-structure developments can add some 10 - 40% to property prices - and we know more or less when they will be completed. Areas which are affected by more than one development will perform particularly strongly - examples include:

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Key Dates for London and SE England Investors
DHL completed to City Airport June 2005 
M25 from M4 to M3 widened Dec 2005
City Bonuses Jan - Mar 2006
A-Day (pensions etc) April 2006
Earliest UK interest rate drop? May 2006
Wembly finished June 2006
City Bonuses Jan - Mar 2006
Ebbsfleet station finished April 2007
Heathrow Terminal 5 open April 2007
Introduction of HIPs July 2007
Stratford Int. and Kings Cross Int. open Dec 2008
DHL extension to Woolwich finished Jun 2009
Ebbsfleet high speed trains start June 2009
Ashford/Folkestone high speed trains start June 2009
East London Line extension finished June 2010
London Olympics June 2012
Weymouth Sailing Olympics June 2012
Thames Gateway Bridge finished June 2013
Other trends
Lack of fast-track building
Global centre for finance (Middle East, Asia)
Increase in population by 800,000 by 2015
Flood of Chinese and India capital to West End and City
Media, technology, finance expansion
Baby-boomers retiring and wanting pied-de-terre in London

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