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74: Investing in property in Canada – does it stack up”?


Investing in property in Canada – does it stack up”?


There are many fundamentals that make property investing in Canada attractive when compared with other countries (e.g. USA, UK, Europe). This investment summary is for those with limited time, we highlight the key aspects below:




























The cities and towns benefiting most from the commodities boom are Calgary (oil/gas capital of Canada) and towns and cities close to the oil sands developments in Alberta. Ontario and Montreal are booming off the back of services and banking. Vancouver in the west has been booming for years off the back of Asian investment, spectacular scenery and proximity to the Rocky mountains, plus trading with Japan, California and China – Pacific trade routes.


Remote areas such as Newfoundland are also booming because of lower prices flights and the baby-boomers being adventurous – wanting to explore remote picturesque locations which have skiing, golf, and outdoor pursuits in summer and winter.


Overall, a bit like Norway, its difficult to see how house prices could drop significantly in Canada – a very stable, developed, growing, dynamic and commodities exposed economy with well educated hard working people. Not a bad place to live either, if you don’t mind the cold winters!


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