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177: 2008 Predictions - UK

12-17-2007 team                       Dec 17th 2007 predict property prices will drop (in order of decrease):

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Look-Back on 2007 Predictions

Enclosed for a look-back are our predictions from 12th Dec 2006 for the year 2007. As you can see, the predictions were generally quite correct. The FT is also currently 6300 (as of 17th Dec). Inflation, growth and employment prediction were almost spot on. We underestimated the interest rates which rose to 5.75% before dropping to 5.5%. Inflation, growth and wage rises were all pretty accurate. predicted property prices would rise (in order of increase):

Note that the UK rates were 5% end 2006 and Euro rates were only 3.25% - this differential was predicted to possible reduce over time as the UK manufacturing-economic trade with the European mainland proportionately increased.




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