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19: Is property the new UK pension?



Why is trust in pensions so low?

It seems people’s trust in their pensions has reached an all time low, for the following reasons:



Buy-to-let as an alterative

Let’s now take an example of a good buy-to-let property in London – a large lower end ex-council flat in a good fairly central location (Acton, Bow, Battersea, Stockwell). If one has £25,000 cash, this is enough to buy say a 4 double bedroom ex-council flat in London for £150,000 that will deliver about £1350 gross income a month. After mortgage costs (85% borrowing) and other costs, this property would make £500 income (profit) a month – or £6000 a year income on an investment of £25,000. If house prices rise 15%, then the £22,500 equity would double to £45,000 as the flat’s value rise to £172,500. Even if the prices dropped, the property would still be delivering a healthy income – it is likely rental demand would strengthen further. And because London has a shortage of lower prices rental housing, the flat is likely to stay full and hence be relatively low risk.



You also have other benefits over normal pension funds:



Of course there are many risks to consider when property investing – as mentioned on this website – but is it any wander why more and more people are taking control of their finances and financial futures by investing in property. 





What if I invest in the stock market?

If you invest in the stock market you have to:



For me, stocks have far too much risk. For someone who puts a red mark against almost all the above criteria – I frankly things it’s a gamble. And I don’t like gambling. I like investing.  Even if there was just one risk not covered, I would feel like it might be too much of a gamble. That is why I invest in residential buy-to-let property – a good conveyance solicitor spends weeks/months knocking the risks away. I would also prefer to pay no commission and create value for myself and my family, rather than someone else that I have never met or do not know.


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