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07-26-2008 team has been operating for 4 years now. We get 2.5 million unique visits a year and are growing fast. We'd like to say a big thank you to you so far for visiting and participating in the property investing experience - our great passion. We have received feedback over the years from our customers and we thought we would share this with you, as context to requesting any further feedback you may have. A summary: 


What visitors like:


A few things that visitors have not appreciated:


Improvements Planned:


Okay, were not flawless by any means. Were always looking to improve. Weve had feedback over the years to help us improve our services.   But wed appreciate it if you have any comments on improvements, or futher feedback on what you most like - you could email us on We will be making what we hope are some positive changes to the site in the next few months, albeit the overall format will remain the same - we look forward to your contributions to help us provide a better service to you.




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