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224: USA Real Estate Crash Maps - boom, bust, foreclosures, negative equity risk, population, poverty, subprime foreclosure, happiness, income....

09-14-2008 team

We thought our US visitors would probably appreciate viewing the real estate price maps available for your analysis of which areas, regions and suburb are suffering the most and which areas may survive better than most in the current market downturn. We hope you are be able to absorb this data per State to judge whether are particlar area is at risk or not. We hope you find these maps helpful to build into your real estate investment strategies.













Foreclosure Rate Map USA













Foreclosure heat map USA 











Population Growth Map in USA - sunbelts and coastal areas increase, rural inland areas tend to decrease














Risking Affordability Map USA (2001 compared to 2004)
























Mortgage Nightmare Misery Map USA - percentage with most refinanced mortgages

















US House Prices Growth Graph Compared to other developed countries













Mortgage Misery Map USA - percentage in misery




















US House Price Index Change HPI year up to April 2008 




















California Mortage Meltdown Map - change in mortgage delinquency













Population Growth Map California





















Population Density Map USA - blue most dense, white/yellow least dense











Subprime Mortgage Foreclosures Map in USA Per State




































Zindex US Home Value Report Map Q4 2007














Negative Equity Map Q4 2007 from properties bought in 2007 in USA













Map of World Happiness - USA scores high


















Global Pollution Map (red areas are highest pollution centers)













Worldwide Poverty Map
















US Population Distribution of major cities



















World Poverty Map - with USA in comparison















Poverty Map as Percentage of USA 2000
















Poverty Map USA





























Persistent Poverty Map - Counties in USA














Personal Income Map USA - Percentage Change 2005-2006












US Income Map (from March 2003)



Gas Price


















Map as Percentage of Income  - who's income is being hit the most?












Freddie Mac House Price Declines Map - year up to Q1 2008









Median House Value Change Map  1980-1990















Home Loan House Price Index Performance Heat Map





















Gas Price Map USA

















World House Price Asset Value Map - described by area - note how large the UK (popultion 60 million) is compared with USA (popultion 300 million) and geographic areas of the world. Note how small most of Afria is. 














House Price Boom Graph - USA, France, UK and other countries -

For USA investors, note the US has not seen such real estate price rises like the UK and France. This graph would indicate prices will eventually recover as long as popultion growth and GDP continue to rise in the USA - as expected. 











IQ Map of the World - for your interest - frankly we're not sure whether this map has any merits but its of interest all the same. It compares incomes versus IQ. In theory, the higher the income, the better the education and the higher the IQ (and higher the house prices). This is going a bit far we admit, but education is a key factor in both incomes/business and hence house prices.

US IQ is high as is the income - possibly related to USA having one of the highest levels of College Education (to 21 years old) than any country in the world. 

One interesting observation though is that China has a relatively low income but the highest IQ - so expect house prices in China too shoot up in the next 20 years as the country industrialises - the improving eduation, hard work and new business will benefit the country hugely.















Subway New York







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Subway New York










































































Urban Rail Map New York

























We hope you have found these maps and insights helfpul for your real estate investing strategies. if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us on





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