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232: Love

10-25-2008 team


What drives people to want to progress, make money, invest and improve their lives? Why do we all strive to improve our lot in lives?




This is the biggest single driver. It can also be the most damaging. If you can hardness it – you will succeed in making money beyond your wildest dreams. If you ignore it, or misuse it, you will end up with nothing.


Strong words. We will need to justify this statement – here goes.


Question yourself: First of all ask yourself the question – “why am I keen on property investing”. You might take a not very in-depth analysis of this and answer – “because I want lots of money for myself”. But this will invariably not be the case. The reason for this is, you want money not just for yourself, but for the loved ones around you. Money on your own will not help you. It will not make you happier – you will be lonely, you will lack purpose, you will lack encouragement, you will lack respect from others – respect from your loved ones.


The more accurate answer will probably be – “because I want to make lots of money so I can share it with others around me – I will gain respect, sometimes adulation, security, freedom – this is what I want for my loved ones, the family, friends and associates I have in this world”. You’ll be making money to gain control and keep your loved ones happy. If you have no loved ones (an example is a single immigrate with no family), having money will also make it a lot easier to find a loved one. People love money. You’ll find it easier finding a partner or keeping a partner. They also want financial security and freedom – just like you.


Men: If you are a man, women like winners – they want to be with a winner – they don’t like losers or anyone with a losing mentality. If you are positive, make lots of money and provide financial security for your loved ones – they will stick around.  Likely if you are a loser or have a losing mentality (they almost always go together), always struggle financially and having a negative outlook on life, your partner will be off. Okay, it’s a generalization but think of these partnerships that have broken up – it’s often because of negative squabbling, financial worry and lack of security and financial freedom.


Yes – there are the occasional so called “gold diggers” around – but they are few and far between – and often they may enter the relationship hoping for the best, find they split and then they are wrongly accused of being a “gold digger”.  Successful relationships are based on trust, communication, sharing of ideas, dreams and goals and a true sense of doing things together.


Woman: If you are a woman, and your man or partner is always discouraging you from property investment, entrepreneurial behaviours or showing initiative, you’ll have to try and coach them, bring them around to your ideas and views in a diplomatic way. You need to try and be inclusive and open. But if it still doesn’t work, and you are determined to succeed in your own business enterprise, then you’ll have some tough decisions to make. Men normally like to feel as though they are the “bread-winner”, it’s a male thing. If you exclude them, you’ll create endless friction. If it’s a partnership, it’s more likely to work. Sharing and doing it together – as long as you trust each other and can share the same values.


Friends: If your friends do not share your values, then you might have to find other friends. You can keep your old ones of course, but just make sure you don’t talk property investment – they wont understand, they may get envious, jealous, self righteous or in the worst circumstances – hostile. You’ll be wasting your emotional energy and thinking powers on them. These friends can stay friends – just don’t talk money and property all the time – you’ll switch them off and they wont like you for it.  


Careful: But, be careful with your friends and family. Because if you want to be truly very wealthy, you will have to be very determined, often or at least sometimes going it alone, and be prepared to upset loved ones around you in the process. It’s always a balance – you need to keep your partner on your side. Carry them along. If you want to be truly wealthy, you’ll have to sacrifice time, energy and passion to get wealthy – your partner needs to be bought into this. If you have a partner that has similar values – you are away. If your partner does not have these values and you find it a struggle – you’re in for a tough ride. If you haven’t yet got a partner, make sure you find one with similar values and dreams to yourself – one that values making money highly if this is what you want – and is prepared to back you with your investment plans.


Negative Influences: If all the loved ones around you are risk averse, Doubting Thomases, and put the fear into you every time you try and make an investment decision – it wont work. If they criticize all your ideas – you’ll be in for a very hard time.  You might have to unshackle yourself from these associations. Your family, partner and immediate friends are your strongest influences. If you find them all negative about investment – you’ll have to consider breaking loose – moving away – you’ll have to decide which way to go. Stay with them and be under the investment cloud for the rest of your life, or break free so you can go about your business. Tough decisions – tough even to think about it. Would you be happier? Would you feel more or less secure in the short, medium or long term?  


Employees – don’t expect them to understand: If you are an employee, don’t expect your work colleagues to understand anything about property investment or making serious money – this is why they are employed – they consider this low risk, high security – even though we all know it’s actually high risk, low security (anyone who has seen pension performance and the performance of the stock market recently can attest to this) – if you are an employee, you can lose your job any time of any day of the week – and you have no control over this. And this is probably why you are property investing – to improve your financial security for your loves ones. Don’t expect 80% of the population to understand this though – they don’t teach financial literacy at school – we get 10,000 visitors a day to our website and only 5% of the UK population are buy-to-let investors. Don’t imagine you are surrounded by like minded people – you definitely in the minority so watch out!   


It all goes back to Love as an umbrella for the following that you desire:



All these things come with wealth and successful investing – and you almost certainly want these because you want to be loved by your:



This we believe is the single biggest driver behind the motivation to invest to make serious wealth. So you have choices to make:



Encouraging loved ones: If you are fortunate to have loved ones that are supportive – you’ll find a huge reservoir of emotional support for all your entrepreneurial efforts. You will be motivated by them, encouraged, be a fearless objective investor with positive thoughts and dreams. You will become very wealthy if you can make the correct investment decisions and properly manage your portfolio.


Discouraging loved ones: If you are unfortunate to have loved ones that are not supportive – are fearful of your exploits and cast doubt and fear into your minds – you’ll find this is the biggest single impediment to your financial success. You might get lucky and be able to go it alone quietly without upsetting them too much and come out of it with their respect. But you might find at every move you are discouraged and it never happens. You cannot get the approved time and financial and emotional support to enact your plans.


What’s holding you back: So, the single biggest thing holding people back from making serious money is normally their loved ones. But the single biggest driver is also their loved ones. You just need to make sure your loved ones understand your values and let you get on with it.


Accuses: And don’t make excuses about your partner and family being the reason why you have no wealth – that’s a cheap way out – face up to it and do something about it. Don’t blame anyone else but yourself. They have reasons for not being supportive, if you cannot change them and you cannot do it without them – then you’ll either have to put up, shut up – or get the hell out!


Conclusion: We thought it appropriate to surface what we consider to be some hidden truths. We hope it has made you more aware of the influences around you, and how you can leverage your loved ones to create the desire in your life to become a successful and wealth property investor. And if you are being held back, at least you will understand, but don’t blame them please – blame yourself! We hope this report has helped.

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