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305: Property - opportunities for all - valuing diversity


One of the greatest things about property investment is that it is open to anyone - regardless of social or ethnic background, race, education or class. All you need to do is raise money from banks and have some basic knowledge on property - and you do not need a degree to do these. A bit like football, your ability or skill is the key to making high investment return, not you colour, background or where you were born. Property investing is open to all individuals, all countries.

There are many wealthy Indian, Africa, Chinese, America, Middle Eastern and UK property investors - it really does not matter what your background is. As long as you have a good credit history and an ability to pay mortgage payments (an income), you can start property investing.

Other industries and sectors are not as easy to break into. For example, to be successful in the UK civil service, in a large private company, in the finance and banking sector, or technology - having an excellent education matters a lot. Being well spoken and a good communicator also helps. But in property investment, you can be a poor communicator, poorly spoken with no formal education and still make high returns in property - and raise money from banks. If you are able to complete application and have an income, plus a bit of investment savvy - that's all it takes!

Little wander that most of the richest UK citizens of Indian and Pakistani origin made their money from property. When they arrived, it was difficult for them to get jobs - and many shifted into property investment and built portfolios rapidly in the 1970s to 1990s.

One of the other great thing about property is, it does not discriminate against age. If you are 20 or 80 - you can have the same opportunities to make high returns in property. If you are 20 with a good income and some cash for a deposit, a bank will lend to you. Same if you are 80 years old. You don't find banks lending more to 40 years olds than 20 years olds as a lending criteria - it's all to do with income and cash, not age.

The same is true of whether you are a woman or man. It does not matter. That's one of the reasons why property investment is so popular with woman. They can enter the business and make serious progress without being held back. They can focus on the property instead of the politics. Banks have the same lending criteria of course for men and women.

Some people find it very difficult to work with other people - they may be autocratic, controlling, emotional, loners or pathologically rude! Even these people with some of the wierdest traits can still make serious money from property investing. Actually, some of the very best property investors are autocratic and controlling - if they worked within a large organisation, they probably wouldn't survive!

Disabled or partially abled people can also be very successful property investors. Being able to use a computer helps. Being able to make a telephone call helps. But you really do not have to get out and about to start property investment. You can even be in a completely different country. Manage property remotely. It's all possible. 

Little wander then that you will find so many men and women of all ages that have made serious money from property. But very few that have made serious money from anything else.


Unless you have a large network in the financial world, preferably are well spoken and have a good education (possibly even social class and background) you will likely not be invited to participate in the best investments, projects and opportunities. These opportunities tend to be presented to an inner network of well connected people of similar social background and education. If you are highly educated, an excellent communicator, have a wide network of financial contacts, and live in West London, you'll probably have access to such "other" opportunities. But 95% of people, property investment opportunities found by yourself or close friends and family will likely be your only realistic route to making serious money.

If you are a 45 year old with a 20 year old son or daughter, and have the mental picture that they needs to be 35 before they start investing in property - you are WRONG! Don't hold them back. The sooner they start, the more gigantic their assets will be in 50 years time. Most people start far too late. Look at Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sergin Brin and Larry Page - they all started in business when they were 18 years old or thereabouts. The sooner you can start your property portfolio, the earlier you will learn and the more money you will make in your lifetime - through the law of compounding, leverage supplemented by lessons learned. But if you are 50, 60 or 70, it's not too late to start either. It can be very quick to accumulate serious wealth if you invest in the correct properties. 

That's also one of the reasons why its such a pleasure to write on property. At - we do not write for one type of social, ethnic or political grouping. We write for everyone who is interested in making money in property. That's a very diverse group of people from all walks of life of course. From all over the world. Some might be professionals, housewives, some in the public sector, some in the private sector, some socialist, some conservative, some born in the UK, others immigrants, some emigrated, some 25 years old, others 70, some are happily married, others divorced or single. Some might have same sex partners. Some have large families. Some with PhDs, others with no qualifications. Some might be pregnant. Some religious, others atheist. It really does not matter. That's very refreshing. The property investment community is made up of people that want to make money from property - it's so simple. And you've probably noticed, as soon as you find someone with a similar interest, it does not matter who they are - you can talk all night!  It's just great fun strategizing about how to improve investment returns with like-minded people - debating the different property investment opportunities you have seen and things that worked and did not work so well. Sharing experiences.

That's it. The key message is - property investment is open to all - unlike many other opportunities. And if you are a private individual who has made more money from stocks & shares and none from property, send us an email at - you'll be the first we have ever come across! 

Investors - what are you waiting for - No Excuses anymore!







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