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606: Creating an Environment for Happy Property Investing

09-11-2017 team

A happy life is in the mind. If your mind is happy, you will have a happy and fulfilling life. Only part of this is accumulating material assets of course. What has this got to do with property investing you might be thinking?  Property investing is about two things:

1. Making money – either cashflow and/or capital value increase
2. Doing something that is fulfilling and energises you – makes you feel happy

Firstly, making money is normally a very happy and uplifting experience. When you invest £50,000 and create something worth £100,000 that generates monthly cashflow of say £1000, that’s an uplifting experience. It’s also a liberating experience. It will make you more confident, improve your self-esteem, give you better control and more control of your life and it will be fun. The challenge – the goals – the outcomes – if successful – will be uplifting.

Males: If you are male, and have a partner – one of the key things to consider – this might sound rather old-fashioned, is that “women back winners” – they don’t back losers. In your quest to gain material assets and income – positive cashflow – she/he will almost certainly admire you and respect you for this. She might grumble about you taking risks, but the outcome will be something that will satisfy both yourself and her.

Females: If you are female – creating material property assets and income will be liberating and uplifting – and give you better financial control of your life. You will have your own income, your own assets and not have to play second fiddle to anyone. You can share these assets, pass the to your kids etc – all uplifting experiences, even give them to charities. It’s really fun making money and its also really fun giving it way.
Now let’s go back to “a happy life is all in the mind”. This is a rather a holistic expression. When it comes down to it – if you are not in any pain – and your mind is active and happy – then you will have a happy life.  In life in industrial societies – the trick is to have enough stress to create excitement – and relieve boredom – stimulate your adrenaline – but not enough to make you very worried, stressed out, burnt out, paranoid and delusional. It’s a fine balance.

Exercise: What helps to relieve high stress levels is exercise – this flushes the system out of toxins, stimulate endorphins – a natural highly relaxing feeling. When you exercise, toxins that have built up will be processed by your muscles also giving a further positive feeling. Building and toning your muscles also means your metabolism rises – meaning that you burn more calories at rest – meaning you lose weight even when you are not exercising – even when you are asleep. You can eat more and “get away with it”. This indirectly also improves your self esteem – feeling good about yourself and your physical looks. This might sound superficial but its true for most people. These are the key reasons to exercise – it will make your mind feel more positive and it will improve your looks, strength and chances of living a long life on top of it all. You will also become more attractive to the opposite sex (or the same sex if this is what you desire).

Non Creative Destruction: This brings us onto – how to destroy your life – and lose control of it. There are 3-4 main things you can do to self-destruct leading to an early grave, depression and disturbed mind – hence not enjoying life – all dreadful for property investing of course:

Alcohol: Drinking heavily leads not only to weight gain, psychological problems, delusional-paranoid thinking – but you might end up losing your job, your partner and all your assets. Name one alcoholic that is a very successful business person – it just does not existing. Alcoholics – or people that need to drink every day of their lives – tend to have poor motivation, cannot focus and make poor decisions. They normally fall out with friends and family in arguments and get argumentative, over-emotional and even violent. They will end up doing strange things to get their next fix of alcohol – being dishonest or hiding their problem and hoping no-one spots them. If you need to drink every day, by definition you are an alcoholic and you need to seek help. If you can cut out drink for 2-3 days a week, you should be able to convince yourself you are not an alcoholic – albeit you might still be a binge drinker, which can also be very bad for your health and motivation levels. Drinking also wastes huge amounts of time – recovering from hang-overs while the rest of the world moves on with life.

Drugs: These are the fastest way to achieve an early death. Make no mistake – you are stealing pleasure from the future, into the present and because of it the future will never be as nice as the present. You will end up being depressed, paranoid, psychologically damaged and extremely demotivated and down in life. You will also drag down all your family and friends with you. Whether they are prescription anti-depressants drugs or recreational drugs – make no mistake – they are extremely high risk, dangerous and almost guaranteed to lead to an early death and depression. If you are depressed – it’s better to seek advice from a counsellor about the underlying issue than risking getting hooked on anti-depressants. When your brain realises its hooked on drugs, and it does not get more of it – it will be depressed then it will be the end of a happy life. Never take no prescribed drugs. Drugs and property investment or any other business venture or happiness just don’t go well together. Ever met a really happy drug addict?

Divorce: Probably the quickest way to ruin a good property portfolio is to get divorced. If you are male, you will lose well over half your assets – you may also have to start a fire sale. It will destroy most of your business. If you are a female – it’s not much better. The distraction and legal costs – plus banks jumping in once they get wind of a divorce– wanting their money back – it’s something to try and avoid like the plague. Not to mention the damage it does to kids, families and friendships. This naturally brings us on to “cheating”. If you cheat on your partner – expect one outcome – divorce. They will never forgive you – don’t be delusional and think they would or could. One cheating event will destroy your property investment portfolio and make you very miserable with it. Ever heard of someone that cheated – than said they were really pleased and happy that they had – that it had been an excellent decision? No. It’s stupid, lacks financial discipline and is plainly wrong and dishonest – and if you cheat you should feel ashamed of yourself – and expect to get divorced and see the kids a maximum of half the time henceforth if you are male, with possibility of never seeing them.

So for a successful property investor that is happy in his or her life, then you need to:

  • Exercise
  • Don’t drink to excess
  • Don’t take drugs
  • Avoid divorce – don’t cheat

Financial Success: If you do the above – your chances of making serious money will sky-rocket and it will be so much more sustainable. You will be managing your business risks. You will feel good about yourself, have a hugely higher chance of enjoying life, and get a real buzz out of working on properties and making deals. Your partner will also be impressed with the gains and this should also cement your relationship even further. It’s not rocket science. It’s just choices in life. Too many people choose no exercise, drink, take drugs, cheat and hence get divorced. They are all traits of a person with a losing mentality that ultimately will likely lead to an early death.

Winners: Be a winner by successfully property investing, not drink, no drugs, staying married, not cheating and thoroughly enjoying life – looking to the future and not stealing pleasure (drink-drugs) from the future into the present in an ultra-short term “in the now-moment selfish expression of insanity”.

Future Thinking:  Instead you should be planning for future gains, looking forward to the future and living well in the present in a sustainable way, putting bad experiences behind you – forgetting them as much as possible – looking forwards to the future rather than fearing it as drug addicts do.

Social Media: Finally – one of the new threats in society is stress and worry from the media – particularly with the advent of 24/7 social media and all the hype around this – Facebook, Twitter, streaming news flows. Trump with his Twitter feeds is just one example of how we are being controlled by this. The constant barrage of people posting photos of holidays they never invited you to – how brilliant their Facebook like is – it’s just superficial and often designed to make someone look far better than they actually are. It’s better to be comfortable within yourself and not have to rely on such means to promote yourself, or demonstrate your worth in society. 

Property investors need to spend as little time as possible reading negative news stories on terror, natural disasters, ego-maniac politician and threats of war. These are designed by media-journalists and politicians to control us – part of the control society.

Focus Should Not Be On Media: Its far better to relieve your stress and enjoy life in the moment – whilst operating at a more functional level by developing your property portfolio – putting your time, efforts, focus and attention into this. The gains will be huge – and you will make serious money whilst everyone else is Tweeting and getting themselves all worked up about the most minute thing – life Wayne Rooney being caught drinking under the influence of alcohol for instance, or Liam Payne being caught smoking tobacco again. Yes, read articles on property investment, house prices etc – but its best to avoid anything that can seriously impede your progress to your goals – and we would make the case that spending hours a week watching TV and following news flows is one of those impediment to financial progress and success. Remember there are 7 billion people in this world and if someone has a an accident, the other 6,999,999,999 should not stop their lives to ponder the ins and outs of this. It will destroy huge amounts of value – both fun in life and financial value. There is probably a pretty strong negative correlation between the amount of social media and TV usage and net worth.

We hope this Special Report has given you some interesting insights into how to get your mind and body aligned in a sustainable way to maximise property investment returns, If you have any queries, please contact us on    


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