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570: Boris we need you back- all the best for your recovery

04-08-2020                                                                              2pm 8 April 2020

Shocking: It was shocking to firstly hear Boris Johnson had gone to hospital for some “routine tests” and then even more shocking and concerning that he was placed in intensive care. The reason for the concern with intensive care is that around 50% of people that go into intensive care with Coronavirus never come out – they sadly die - a very distressing statistic.

Timeline: The other observation we would make is that the timeline for Boris Johnson to enter intensive care – after around 10 days from first symptoms (temperature) is the same timeline that in the normal circumstances would either lead to death – or alternatively lead to a slow but arduous recovery.








































How Serious is It? We just hope he was put into intensive care in part as a precautionary measure since he is of course such an important person – leading the country and heading the Coronavirus government crisis response. By comparison, you can imagine how many people would be swarming around any other President or Prime Minister of other countries. He’ll have super care at St Thomas’s but being in intensive care is very serious. We are 100% sure the NHS will do a brilliant job with his care. They are all remarkable and brave as well at this time.

Risk Profile: Boris Johnson is 55 years old, has struggled with his weight for years though he is apparently fit – run short distances, cycles and plays tennis, does not smoke and drinks moderately. Men have a lower chance of recovery then women. He has no publicly known underlying illnesses. He would normally be put pretty much in the middle of a risk bracket – being a man of his age and weight airing to the higher risk side, focussed treatment and strength/fitness/bravery likely on the lower risk side.

At Least Not On The Dreaded Ventilator: The slightly more positive news yesterday and today is that he is only taking oxygen (at this stage), and not pressure-pumped oxygen and he is "not" on a ventilator. Those that have to be put onto ventilators will have an even lower chance than 50/50 of surviving. Boris also does not have coronavirus pneumonia thankfully.

Next 1˝ days Critical: We’d just like to point out that – as of 2pm 8 April 2020 – the next 1˝ days will be absolutely critical to whether Boris Johnson recovers hopefully – or whether he is on a downward trend to pass away which would be an absolute grief stricken crisis for his family, friends, himself of course and the rest of the country. We all need to see some positive indications the treatment-care is helping.  According to the normal timeline, his fever should end tomorrow - after 12 days. But if symptoms continue and worsen, then at would be a very bleak sign regrettable.

Fingers Crossed – Distressing and Depressing: We just need to hope and if you are religious pray – or superstitious – do anything – to support the NHS and Boris Johnson – and we really hope he pulls through. His partner is also pregnant and you can imagine the distress – and also not being able to visit her partner Boris, not breaking the rules.  We should hopefully get a stable and positive trend in the next 2 days, but if it worsens from this point – it will be so destressing and depressing. Fingers crossed for Boris.

Stay Safe: And finally – as Boris has been telling everyone – stay at home, be safe, save lives and support the NHS.

We need you back Boris - please pull through.

We plan to update in the next few days.

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