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571: Coronavirus update - for investors - 15 April

04-17-2020 team

Collapsing Economies: Let’s be frank. The Coronavirus global crisis is leading mass scale economic destruction, a real collapse on a global scale. In the UK likely more than 2 million people will lose their jobs, GDP will crash by around 6.5% this year and house prices will certainly decline – how much is anyone’s guess. So far around 14000 people have died in hospitals and many thousands more in care homes and at home of this deadly virus. The ramifications are and will be felt right through UK and global society and the economy. Many companies and private individuals will sadly go bankrupt. Its real economic Armageddon.

Suffering: The degree of suffering is not really imaginable. The stress, depression, anguish and health impacts of this virus are extreme and the world has not seen anything likely it since 1918-1920 Spanish flu when 5 million people died – causing a massive depression. Far less extreme than World War II but the economic impact is severe now doubt.

Global Interconnectivity: Now the world is far more interconnected – and social media and general internet and TV media has whipped up a frenzy with stressed panic that the politician cannot ignore. They need to act with empathy in this new connected world and show leadership which they are trying to do.

NHS Prime: The good news is the whole country has got behind the NHS and its key workers – and it is fortunate for both Tory and Labour parties that they both had the NHS wellbeing at the forefront of their Election manifestos, agendas and promises only a few months ago - so their support is a continuation of this important theme and it crosses all parties.

Underlying Causes: Not much is said about how the virus actually started – there are some pretty damning articles out there blaming China (experiments on viruses found in bats in Chinese research labs etc) – but we will never likely get a straight story and its doubtful despite the epic proportions of this health crisis that the World Health Organisation will ever do a thorough investigation despite the hundreds of thousands of deaths. We hope the truth comes out one day, but sadly – like the genocide in Rwanda when the UN stood there and did nothing, we might not get an objective truth about how it all started and whether it could have been mitigated.

Health Statistics: A few statistics that are still developing – that might help you – it seems that in general terms:

Wait and See: For all property investors, it’s time to wait and see. It’s almost impossible to market and sell properties at this time or chance tenants. Its worrying times for everyone. We just hope this terrible pandemic passes by quickly and the economic and social environment gets back to how it used to be with some restrictions. Its likely the full UK lockdown will last until at least 7 May - then between some and many restrictions will be lifted, but things really wont return to normal until at least early 2021 in our view. The next Special Report will focus more on investments, but for this one – its best to just say thank you to the NHS and all the care workers and key workers that are helping the country pull through this emergency – secondarily, along with all the private sector people that of course pay their taxes to support these services many of whom have lost their jobs or are quite rightly worried about the future.

We hope this update has helped - more on the health and safety side of things. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on

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