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Margate - worth a punt?


Terrace in Margate















Margate is one of the most depressed towns in SE England - the promised Turner Gallery has come to almost nothing whilst neighbouring towns such as Broadstairs and Ramsgate have blossomed and received most of the attention. The nearby Manton Airport was going to be a major international airport, but these plans folded. Margate, particularly the centre of the town, is run down - many of the guest houses built in Victorian times are now low priced bedsits. Unemployment is high. Things may change if the fast commuter trains arrive in 2012 at Ramsgate (no firm plans for Margate as yet) - these would likely run via Ashford on the Eurostar line to Kings Cross in London and dramatically cut down commuting travel times to London (currently 2 hours, could be 1 hr 10 mins by 2012). This is a low price but high risk investment area - only recommended for the experienced investor. Prices jumped 3 years ago but have now plateaued out. Low priced properties with sea views are probably the best investments - it's possible the town may become a third as popular as it was back in the 1950s - before foreign budget travel put an end to its popularity. Prices are half what they are in Broadstairs - but its possible Broadstairs is still a better bet!


Artist's impression of Margate Turner Gallery - that will unfortunately stay an artist's impression










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