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88: 250 of the best news articles from Sept 2006


Want to read the best assortment of new from September 2006 - select from this assortment: 


Five ways to finance a much wealthier old age

It's surreal, but it's not a mirage - Dubai

Stars' Property Fund Set to Invest GBP 3bn in Far East

Ken's new plans for capital gains - London
All built from scratch
The Man Who Broke the Banks of England
British duo build new millionaires’ playground
The salvage supremo

Perfect getaway or potential disaster: is private island ownership right for you?

Down in Docklands?

Tales of a Landlady: Not so dumbo - New York
Tricks of the trade
Fly-to-let: In the line of fire
Weekly market update - Ireland

Weekly market update - England & Wales
Too many buyers chasing too few homes = further house price rises" - Your Move UK

House prices to rise 30% in 5 years
Irish house price growth slows again in August
When Price, Conditions Are Right, the Sale Moves Swiftly
China Probing Property Market Dealings
Dream Houses - England
Guidebook: Sale near Manchester, England
World Cup boost for German property
Ramsgate: new south-east hotspot
Property owners fall into "never-ending" mortgage
Barclays launches overseas property Web service - UK
Overseas property investment soars - Australia

Queensland looks good to investors
Bringing the house down - Australia
House of the rising sum - interest rate wont stop property boom
Housing crisis means - UK

Property prices up almost 20% by 2010
House price hike?
Insider Marketing Tricks to Sell Your House
Irish house price growth slows again in August
Central & South West Rental – West outstrips Central London for rent rises
Property metamorphosis
Property Market Investing Defended - NZ
House price boom continues in UK
UK house prices rise 1.3% in September - Nationwide
House price rises put market 'under strain' - Surrey
Strong house price growth in September
London Agent Awarded CoolBrand Status
The Truth About ... Ex-Council Properties

Housing Bubble and Real Estate Market Tracker
UK house price inflation picks up
12 Topekas. 1 Beverly Hills. Tough trade
Home prices in Calif., Italy are priciest, survey says
Possible house price correction of 10 per cent forecast by US bank
Location makes the home price, US survey says
Investment green light in Gibraltar
Tips & tricks to investing in property
Global property investment may rise 26%
Buy and letting's ten-year honeymoon
Property Investment - Regeneration Hotspots
U.S. house prices could drop another 10%

US house prices decline in August
UK Guide to Business & Commercial Loans
Buy to Let Mortgages: Long Term Investment on the Concrete Structure
Keep on bankrolling - London investors
Take control of your retirement fund
Council red tape scares off landlords - UK
Britain drifting, or sailing closer to the competition?
Blackstone in student digs revolution
I've been ambushed by empty nest meltdown
Weekly market update - Scotland

Weekly market update - Ireland
Where living is easy — and taxes are low - Channel Is.
Tales of a Landlady: The waiting game
Weekly market update - England & Wales
Pensions can now house a student hall
10 cheap fixes to boost your home's value
REIT time to take a look at commercial property - UK

Do the Halifax want the first rung kicked away from first time buyers?
Call for tax threshold of £430,000 to match house prices in UK
America betting against the house

Real Estate Advice video - from Jack Garson
Property Investing videos - short videos to help investors

Property Videos - Cyprus, Portugal and Perth
Booming China construction boom video

Trading in US residential housing futures is more evidence that housing markets may be in decline.

PMI: US Home Price Decline Risk Increases

Home Information Pack - disruption report
Cable turns fire on 'lucky' Brown

Hotspot - Reading
Hotspot - Cambridge

Property hotspot - Bradford

Median home price edges down to $755,000 - California

Cyprus property 'booming'
Average house price in West Midlands will exceed £240,000 within 5 years
Rightmove's House Price Index Reports New Instructions Fall as Prices Stand Still
South east England price time bomb set to explode

Among sellers, the price isn't right anymore
Make money in property with regeneration programmes
First-time buyer mortgage
Dream Houses
Land Prices in Japan's Top 3 Cities Rise

Some good news for the property investment market - UK

Lib Dems and Labour plans to tax England's house price boom with new property tax

Rightmove’s House Price Index Reports New Instructions Fall as Prices Stand Still

Rate Rise Makes Us Think Again - UK

Your Pictures: Manchester

Investment Property & Property Investing - Is there an Holy Grail?

Global direct property investment jumps

Cyprus house price inflation accelerates

Rightmove - prices in London up 2.9% in last month (0.2% in UK)

Study says planning tax would hit house building

BoE surprised by house price strength -Barker in UK

Inflation Pressures Ease in August in USA

‘Nasty’ Shock to Hit U.S. Economy

US Homebuilder Confidence Sinks to 15-Year Low

US Housing Starts Plunge to Three-Year Low

Tropical property investment – dream or reality
Property Investment - Can I Spill the Beans??
Baltic states best overseas investment say experts
The Naked Investor: New guidance on property investment

Housing Slump in U.S. May Lead to First Drop Since Depression

Lib-Lab plans to tax England's house price boom with new property tax

House price surge 'coming to an end'

Rising interest in tumbling price of oil
House prices subdued as buyers struggle in UK
Spanish property doctor: A chance to snap up a bargain

Tales of a Landlady: Start the revolution

Weekly market update - Ireland

Weekly market update - England & Wales

How to get 90% tax relief

Homeowners warned of further rate pain in UK

Protectionism could block ‘China effect’
House price shock South Africa
Young working and STILL homeless: housing market affordability in Wales
IMF fears global growth contraction in 2007; Urges ECB to move cautiously on interest rate hikes
Property capital ploughed into UK

Dubai: Property law will lure more international investment

US economy faces double threat to prospects

Surveyors report house price rises in UK
House price growth in UK slowing says property group

National median house price slips in NZ

US Housing Bubble and Real Estate Market Tracker

SoCal Home Sale Figures Eroding

IMF gives stark warning over a potential UK house price crash
U.K. House-Price Index Rose to 2-Year High in August, RICS Says
UK house prices soaring

8 signs you're ready to buy your first home
Homeowners Miss the Peak, Court Market of Regret in USA
Affordable Hotspots Revealed
Fidelity wary of UK commercial property funds
Property capital ploughed into UK

How is a German property unlike a UK property?

Northern de-Lights: UK top hotspot unveiled

Rate rise likely as inflation hits nine-year high

House price inflation picks up in UK

The Big Question: Are rising house prices good or bad news for the economy?

Market Review: Life After The Rate Rise
NZ house price lift ranks seventh in rich nations survey

London leads the way in house price inflation

Housing Market Sinking, But Mortage Rates Still Near Historic Lows in USA

Home Price Anecdotes vs. Statistics: Which Is the True Market Barometer in USA?
UK house price inflation at 14-mth high in July

Sharp house price rise in Scotland

NZ house price rise still high, but easing

House prices show strong growth in UK

Oil price fall eases inflation pressures

1st home-price decline since '93 possible: Realtors in US

First-time buyers get by with a little help from their friends

House prices rise by 6% in UK

How To Beat The Buy-to-Let Competition

London Market Buoyant

Buyer's Guide: Making An Offer

Buyer's Guide: Surveys

Buyer's Guide: Chains

First-Timers Share The Mortgage Load - UK
Investors warm up again to Simon Property

Building boom to drag on UK retail rents - report

UK house price inflation at 14-mth high in July

One hell of a challenge - building a house

Weekly market update - Ireland

Stormy weather - London

Tales of a Landlady: My juggling lesson

It’s a booming market in Kabul, Af.
Weekly market update - England & Wales

UK taxman targets overseas homeowners

House prices rise 0.3% on FT index

UK may avoid US-style housing pain

August bucks the trend with new house prices on the increase in UK

Another Builder Bites the Dust in USA

Realtors Blame Sellers for Housing Woes in USA

High yields lure punters amid doubts

Housebuying.Eu Launches Website to Aid Overseas Property Investing

How, When And Where To Invest

Investing in the German property market

Halifax House Price Index shows 1% rise for August

Interest rates kept on hold despite house price surge

FT index shows house prices calming in UK

Transport for London prepares to go Overground

Huge NI house price rises continue

House price growth down to 2002 levels

Home Price Increases Seen Slowing In OFHEO Report in USA

Halifax reports strong house price growth in UK

High price of an Englishman's castle

Interest rates held steady in UK - 4.75%

US Housing Bubble and House Prices Tracker

Prime Central London: Is The Boom Over?

Residential property in the UK in August 2006 rose 0.8%.

Economic slowdown looks likely to bypass rising Scottish house prices

London house price growth nears standstill

House price crash unlikely in Europe

Tax shock warning after house price rises

US house price growth slows

Central London Houses Outpace Flats

Home price data takes center stage this week in USA

Area realty market turning soft - California

London house price growth cools down

UK buy-to-lettors at risk from house price correction

House price growth accelerates

NI house prices show sharp rise

Ireland: Optimum exposure

Happy birthday, buy-to-let

To the manor bought

Italy’s society secret

Tales of a Landlady: Deal or no deal

Weekly market update - Ireland

Weekly market update - England & Wales

City spotlight - Exeter

The right side of the tracks - railway home

My home off the back of a lorry

Loans For House Purchase At Six-Month High in UK

Central London Houses Outpace Flats




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