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10-10-2006 team


We enclose some helpful property videos for you to review. Click on the below video titles to experience these.


What the Spice Girls taught us about property investment 

Real Estate Advice video - from Jack Garson

Property video tours  good quality video tour of many UK and European properties

Taster Tour promotional videoe good quality property video

The Estate Agent is Not Your Friend

The Cesme peninsula

Real Estate Investing Video - Forget No Money Down

We don't negotiate any more

Who's the best negotiator
Property Investing videos - short videos to help investors

Property Videos - Cyprus, Portugal and Perth
Booming China construction boom video

Attorney Jack Garson on the Real Estate Market

Real Estate Attorney Jack Garson on the changing market

Funny letters to the Landlord

Housing Bubble vs the Great Depression

Krugman on US Housing Bubble

Real Estate Crash

Miami Investment Brokers on French TV prime time

The Works - Tagaytay Ridge View Project

Real Estate - the bubble burst - its good to buy now

Le boom des agences immobilieres a Paris

London Town

Commercial Property Investing in UK

Rinfor - real estate and investment forum

Outer Banks North Carolina Real Estate

Working for my your dream home

East of Galleria/ Robinsons Land / Condominium Philippines

House being destroyed  - Bangkok Insurance  property insurance advert that might make you laugh


















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